Real Madrid are influencing LaLiga referees – Xavi

 Barcelona manager, Xavi Hernandez has claimed Real Madrid are “conditioning” referees in Spain through their TV channel.

Xavi, in the past, claimed that LaLiga officials were favouring Madrid and that is why they cannot compete with them in the title race.

Now, he has doubled down on his view, but admits Barca’s Caso Negreira scandal has not helped their cause.

“I already said that I don’t like that they [Madrid] condition the referees, but they continue to do it every week. The referees are going to whistle- conditioned.

“The ‘Negreira case’ hasn’t helped us either, but that’s what we have to compete with.

“I agree one hundred percent with the president’s words. It’s a reality and we can’t deceive Barcelona fans,” Xavi said.


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